2 fl. oz. Cool Tools GEL Liver of Sulphur sulfur Extended Life Gel for patina oxidation

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Formulated for extended shelf life versatility and convenience. The gel makes it easy to use and less mess with better results. Non-hazardous. May be used in concentrate or diluted in warm water for desired effect.
Sold individually  2 oz. squeeze bottle.

Use this ready to use gel form sulfur on silver, copper, bronze, brass metal leaf and metal clay for beautiful Patina. 

  •  shake before use for consistent results.
  • mix 1 tsp  Gel per 12 fl.oz. or 355 ml heated water (approx 140f/60c) for darkest patina
  • Adjust   Gel/water ration as needed
  • dip metal into solution to apply solution to metal or using a fine mist sprayer, brush or rag.
  • rinse with baking soda/water mixture to neutralize reaction or solution
  • non-flammable  no dry inhalation hazard

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